The Freelancer You Are Looking for Has Moved On

I actually moved on a while ago. Diary of a Mad Freelancer is like the ex-lover I don’t want to be with anymore but memories of the good times make me keep checking back every couple of months like my feelings are going to change.

I’m still freelancing. I’m still mad--in both senses of the term. And if you want to catch up with me, you can find me tweeting away at @imprincessjones. If you want to know more about my business, check out P.S. Jones Copy & Design. And if you care about my fiction work, you can find me at Princess Jones, Author.

If you came here looking for freelancing stuff, here are some really cool freelancers who know what they are talking about:

Jennifer Mattern
Peter Bowerman
Dr. Freelance
Laura Spencer

And that’s all folks,

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