10 Facts About Me You Might Not Know

Fair warning: I stole both this title and this concept from Pawel Grabowski over on the Self-Employed Café. And as I understand it, that he stole it from somebody else. So maybe this will become this whole stolen movement on blogs across the world. Or, maybe you’ll just learn some more stuff about me. Either way, enjoy the randomness below:

I can gauge how well we know each other by the name you call me. If you call me P.S., you probably only know me through one of my blogs. If you call me Princess, I probably know you in some sort of formal capacity, through work or maybe I went to school with you. If you call me PJ, you’re somebody whose phone call I won’t screen. And if you call me by my middle name, we’re family. (Note: I’m not posting my middle name because I know you’d guys use it call me up to impersonate long lost cousins who need to borrow money. I’m not falling for it!)

I am addicted to Sour Patch Kids. I buy them by the pound and actually have an entry in my budget for them. Telling me that I’m out of them is the best way to get me to leave the house at 7am because I can’t get through the work day without them.

There’s a baby stalking me because I rejected her. It’s a long story.

One of my super powers is the ability to read a novel and walk at the same time. I have walked many a mile with a book open in front of me.

I grew up a Navy kid and seem to have caught the wanderer bug. I have lived everywhere from New York City to New Orleans and almost everywhere in between. I currently live in Chicago. I moved here because I was tired of Mississippi summers, wanted to live in the North and couldn’t stand NYC. I might even stay here for more than 3 years. We’ll see.

I think I hold the record for being mistaken for someone body else the most times in a lifetime. I have a face that makes people think they know me. They insist I’ve gone to school with them, babysat them or owe them money. I once had a man nearly twice my age swear we dated in 1979. I told him “Only if you took me to the Fetus Club because that’s what I was in the late months of 1979, sir.”

I am one of four children, the only girl and the only one under 6’2. They all think this is hilarious. In fact, my entire family is tall, including my mother. I’m 5’5 on my best day standing on my tip toes. (OK, OK, you got me. 5’4 and ¾.)


I own a car but despise driving. I take public transportation whenever possible. I haven’t driven in so long that I tried to figure out how much gas was the other day and had to look it up. When I saw the price, it certainly didn’t make me want to start driving.

I’m weird about food. I won’t eat anything blue or purple. White liquids and bananas freak me out. I can’t eat most dairy products unless I can verify the expiration date for myself. I don’t like onions, mustard, or ketchup. I’m terrified of being anywhere near mayonnaise. It can’t even let it touch me or I will freak out.  On the other hand, when I like something, I find myself eating day and night for weeks at a time. I once ate French toast twice a day for a month and a half.

I am married to the only person I’ve ever met who was more ridiculous than I am. We had a week long fight about who would be Batman if we were in a comic book. We use Rock Band as couples counseling and have regular food fights. When people ask us when we’re going to settle down and have kids, I always say “We ARE the kids. What we need are some adults around here.”

Are you going to write a post about yourself? If you do, make sure to post the link in the comments below or leave a pingback. And if you don’t, why don’t you leave me one interesting fact about yourself in the comments? C’mon. You know you want to.

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  1. I love you response to the "when are you going to have kids?" question… totally made me smile.
    My recent post 5 Ways I Find Freelance Work

    • That's what I'm here for: smiles.

  2. Fun stuff! Just hearing the words "Sour Patch Kids" makes my mouth squinch up, but I'm right there with you hating on onions and mayo—as a kid, I refused to even get the jar out of the fridge when my mom was making sammiches. Ick.

    One interesting fact? Hmmm. During college, I was a state park ranger at Plymouth Rock, so I could easily bore you with tons of factoids (and faketoids) about The Rock, the Pilgrims, the Mayflower, etc. But I won't!

    (By the way, thank you for spelling MacGyver correctly in your comment to my post the other day, and for tweeting it, too. I deleted and reposted so the permalink didn't make me look like a dummy for all eternity!)
    My recent post I am MacGyver

    • Haha The "squinch" is the best part of Sour Patch Kids. (It's also why I refuse to eat more than one kid at a time.) And do you ever wonder if all these random facts we hold in our head about former jobs or interests is taking up space and is the reason we can't remember where we put our keys? I think that every time I throw out a fact about wine that I learned from a former job. I don't even drink wine. I don't want to know about wine.

      (As for the MacGyver post, I didn't realize that you spelled it wrong or that I spelled it any differently than you. Which will tell you how observant I am!)

  3. I just realized that I don't directly call you anything besides "hey" or "so, right…" for the simple fact that I wasn't sure what to call you when we first started talking, lol.

    • Ha! Take your pick. I'll answer to almost anything.

  4. I'm right there with you about mayo. I actually like the taste of it, but the thought of what's in it really grosses me out. My weird freak-out moments usually involve a mascot or someone in a full-body costume. Do. Not. Like.

    Hooray for Sour Patch Kids!

    • I don't know what mayo tastes like. My spidey senses have prevented me from being tricked into having it. I'm always like "Wait. That's got mayo in it. Doesn't it? No thanks."

      I feel you on the full body costume. I once had a scarring experience in a Showbiz Pizza, which is a low rent version of Chuckie Cheese. You wouldn't catch me dead near anyone of them.

      • I used to be the exact same way about mayo and then I was tricked into eating it and realized I liked it. Now I try to distract my mind when I have it, rare as it is. Yogurt actually does that to my brain too. I like the taste, but after more than a couple of spoonfuls, my gag reflex kicks in.

        I remember Showbiz. That was the original!
        My recent post at a loss for words let me help

        • Ashley, is this your way of telling me that you plan to slip me some mayo if we ever meet? Because that's not cool!

          • It's okay. I was joking. I know that you wouldn't want to do the same thing if you had been violated similarly.

  5. "Sour candy" seems like an oxymoron to me…if it's candy it shouldn't be sour! But, I am totally addicted to Altoids and some people can't stand even the smell of those.

    Most of the facts about me are pretty random, so this is a hard one. Ah. I have great difficulty in naming anything. I didn't name either of my children. My dad (Steve) named my oldest (Stevie) and my husband (Joe) named my youngest (Jodi). Another: when I eat, I eat in such a way that I have one bite of everything left at the end and it is super annoying when there isn't enough bread or potato salad or whatever to fit into my "system."

    • I'm into Lifesavers Wintergreen Mints too. The people at the dollar store near my house always say "Sour Patch Kids and Mints" when I come in. And as for the naming, maybe it's because you realize that when you give someone a name, they have to wear forever. It's permanent. The food thing? Yeah that's weird and coming from me, the Queen of All Things Weird, that's saying something!

  6. Strangely enough, I'm a bit flattered you said I'm weird 😉

    • You should be! So called "normal" people are boring. Weird people make this world go round.

  7. Great list! I love these kinds of things – makes you feel like you know people from blog world better.

    Here's my random fact – we have a little stuffed bear that we named Crevy (because he always fell into the crevice between the bed and the wall at our apartment). I often make him talk to my husband in a special voice. Also, in the same vein, I'm slightly obsessed with Sonic Tot toys and like to hide them in my husband's things and surprise him. Clearly, I'm the child in this marriage.

    • I love the name Crevy! And it makes so much sense. And stay a child as long as possible. I think that's the key to a long, happy life.

    • Oh hello there Melia. Maybe you and that stalker baby can share night vision goggles while hiding behind the dumpster next to my building. That way you'll have someone to talk to during the slow parts of the night.

  8. Great post.
    Sounds like you and your husband have an amazing marriage. I think that being able to be kids and laugh is the key to making a marriage work :)

    • Me too. We're lucky we have so much fun together with so little effort.

  9. So, I'm very late to the game here, but I love this post! It truly is all of the little things that make us unique! Or weird…as in my case. My "fun fact" is that I have been humming (in my head) the song "If I Only Had a Brain" from the Wizard of Oz for over 15 years. It pops in and out randomly and sometimes will go away for a few months. But then boom…singing it again. Oh, and about two years ago I began singing "Strangers in the Night" in my head too. But only at work for some reason. It's really getting a bit noisy up there in the ol' noggin!

    • LOL I'm sitting here trying to imagine you trying cases in court humming If I Only Had a Brain!

  10. One (might be)interesting fact about me: My motto is “I may have to get old, but I refuse to grow up.” (My wife will verify that I live by this motto…
    Jim Green recently posted..A SUPER POWER I would like to have…

    • Growing up is for wimps. lol It takes true grit to avoid it no matter how old you get.

  11. I’m right there with you about mayo. I actually like the taste of it, but the thought of what’s in it really grosses me out. My weird freak-out moments usually involve a mascot or someone in a full-body costume. Do. Not. Like.

    Hooray for Sour Patch Kids!
    Matt Cutt recently posted..Guru Clone



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