Hi there. My name is Princess Jones (probably better known as P.S. Jones) and I am the voice behind Diary of A Mad Freelancer This technically isn’t a diary. (If it were, it would read something like this: Dear Diary, I am ashamed to say that I ate 14 ice cream sandwiches today. Is there such a thing as Ice Cream Sandwich Rehab?) Honestly, I’m not all that mad either, in either sense of the word. At least no more mad than the rest of the world is these days.

But I am a real live working, full-time freelancer. The things I talk about here are ones that I have personal working knowledge of. Freelancing is an industry where things change constantly. There is so much to learn and you’re never really done. You’ll never know so much about freelancing that you couldn’t stand to learn a little more. Through this blog, I hope to share the information I’ve learned and gathered some from my fellow freelancers who stop by.

There are more freelance blogs and resources out there than you can shake a stick at. However, I think I have some valuable thoughts to add on the subject. I also think I offer a delivery and voice that is all my own. And I hope you all enjoy the time you spend with me.