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beyonceBeyonce wears a weave.

There I said it.

If you were following me on Twitter yesterday you already knew that but I just wanted to say it again.

It’s not her hair. It’s a lace front, which is a wig/hair extension combo. Other times she’s wearing a straight out wig. I’m sorry that I had to be the one to tell you but it irks me that so many people don’t realize it. I don’t have anything against hair extensions but it ticks me off that she’s on TV selling hair products when she buys her hair. If she wants to change her hair color, she chooses another color from the pack.

I’m a copywriter, so I understand the way advertising exfoliates and massages the truth until its glossy and pretty enough to catch our attention. I understand that Drew Barrymore does not go to Target and buy Covergirl makeup. I’m sure her makeup artist uses some ridiculously priced makeup made out of ground up unicorns.

A lot of the freelance blogs, books and advice out there are just like Beyonce and her hair dye: There’s no way you can get those results from the stuff she’s pushing.

Beware of Hype without Backup Information

I’ve read a couple of things about it lately (All Freelance Writing is the first one that comes to mind) and yesterday another freelancer I tweet with made some great points about the hypocrisy out there. There are plenty of “experts” out there giving out advice but not making their rent freelancing. They endorse things they never tried and give out advice they don’t follow. Basically, they’re selling you a product to get beautiful hair when the only way they get beautiful hair like theirs is to buy it from somebody else.

You know, if Beyonce just said “Hey guys, this is a weave, but I still think it’s fabulous and let me tell you where I get my hair” I’d be less pissed about it. I just want her to admit that sometimes we can’t have it all . . . or we can have it all if we also have a weave budget the size of India’s gross national product.

Diary of a Mad Freelancer started as a little personal space that I could talk about freelancing with no one but myself and the three people who read it. And although I am proud to say that I have now have a readership of at least 11 people, it’s still just my journey through freelancing.

I am not a guru, ninja or grand wizard of freelance. I don’t know any secrets because I’m a chatterbox and I would have already told them to you. I have no special freelance powers except the ability to spot a nonpaying gig at 100 paces.  I would never guarantee that you could become a six figure writer by reading this blog because I don’t even know you.  I wouldn’t even say that I’m the best freelance writer in the world because I not a fool. Or even in the room right now. I am not nor will I ever be the last word on this industry.

But I am a real live working freelance writer. I work full time, writing from my home. I have insight to this business because I’m actually in it. I keep coming back for more every day, trying to make this life work. Some days are better than others. Some days I wish I was independently wealthy so I could go buy an island and call it a day. Mostly, I just settle for being independent enough that no matter how bad my day is, it’s worth it. In spite of it all, I’m still here surviving the freelance life.

As this sites evolves and grows, I want you to know that will never act like this freelance thing is just so easy and all you have to do is follow my three step process to become rich and famous.(Anyone who is not rich and famous can not tell you how to come rich and famous. Hell, half the people who are rich and famous don’t know how they got there.

If I’m endorsing a product or selling something, it’s because I see merit in the product because I have tried  it.  When I tell you about a tool or a method that I’m using, I’m really using it. If I dole out advice, it’s from actual experience. When I make mistakes, I’m going to talk about it openly because *gasp* my shit actually stinks. And the comments section will always be open for you to tell me I’m wrong, demand more information or leave your two cents.

So have at it.

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