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I don’t talk about it much but I’m not much of religion-y person. It may be that I just can’t find a place to fit in. I’m too much of a capitalist (and clothes wearer) to be a pagan most days. I’m often uninterested in what would Jesus (or Mohammed) would do. I’m not versed enough in guilt to try Judaism. And my temper is far too swift to try Buddhism and meat is still too tasty for me. So I guess if I had to say what I believe in, I’d say that I believe in the religion of Kindness–being as kind to the world as possible, starting with yourself and branching outward as far you can from there.

Oh, wait. I believe in Marketing Karma.

MantraI’m not sure where I first heard of Marketing Karma. (I think it was somewhere in Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Writer but I’m not entirely sure.) Essentially, it’s the idea that if you market yourself or your business, you will get leads on new opportunities. The leads will not necessarily be a direct result of the marketing. You often will see no cause and effect. But by putting out into the universe that you want something and expending energy with that request, you will see a return in it.

I wrote about my belief in Marketing Karma for The Renegade Writer and if you’d like to hear more about it, click here.

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