Even Greater Expectations

It’s November, people, and that means it’s time for me to start working on my “expectations” for 2012. In today’s video, I talk about a few things  I’d like to accomplish for next year.

Ok, so once again BOOB STORIES–Yeah, I’m never gonna stop talking about it. So just go to the site and buy the book so we can get it over with.


And if you’ve got some goals, resolutions or expectations for 2012 yourself, let’s hear about them in the comment section below: 

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    • Oh I didn’t have time to name all of them. I did crush my articles in print expectation for 2011 and I’m hoping to be published in print at least 12 times next year (average of once a month). I think it’s doable, too, even though it’s not my main money focus.
      P.S. Jones recently posted..Getting Started With Google Plus Pages



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