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So if you’re familiar with Diary of a Mad Freelancer, you know we used to do Group Therapy on Twitter monthly-ish. (And we are going back to that soon.) But I also realized how hard it is to ask questions and talk about things you wouldn’t want a client to see on Twitter. At the same time, I’ve also been really enjoying the Facebook groups I’m in, too. They remind me of forums in that you can lurk or you can comment. I also really like how it’s just on Facebook–I can check in if I want and then move on to something else.

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So all of this swirled together and came out with a Facebook group for Group Therapy. Are you worried about posting on your on Facebook timeline because current and future clients might read it? Are your employed friends kinda tired of hearing about freelance life and don’t really understand what you’re talking about anyway? This is what you need. You can browse gigs shared by others, ask questions about freelance finances, or just cosign on a colleague’s client woes.

So if you’re interested–and I hope you are–head over to Facebook and join up.

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Princess Jones is the mad scientist behind Diary of a Mad Freelancer. For more talk about freelancing, writing, and selling yourself for a living, follow her on Twitter.

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