Diary of a Mad Freelancer Group Therapy Chat
Sometimes when I get together with other freelancers, it feels like a group therapy session. One person might bring up something they’re going through and we’ll all talk about our experiences with it, give advice, or just commiserate. And I always feel better after these little sessions. I’m inspired to do more and try more.

So here’s the plan. . .

Facebook Group

Are you worried about posting on your on Facebook timeline because current and future clients might read it? Are your employed friends kinda tired of hearing about freelance life and don’t really understand what you’re talking about anyway? You know what you need? A private Facebook group for you and your fellow freelancers. You can browse gigs shared by others, ask questions about freelance finances, or just cosign on a colleague’s client woes.

A couple of rules:

  • Add any freelancer you’d think would enjoy the conversation. No one cares about affiliation, industry, or level of experience.
  • What happens in Group Therapy stays in Group Therapy. Privacy is an illusion but let’s do our best to make it a reality. No screenshots or shares unless you have permission of the person or people involved.
  • Feel free to self-promote, but remember that a little bit goes a long way. If you spam us, you will be deleted. If you’re not sure if you’re being spammy, ask an admin.
  • Don’t be the reason we can’t have nice things. You may not post content that is belittling to other’s faith, religion, sexual preference, or lifestyle. You may not harass, abuse, threaten, or advocate violence against other members or individuals.
  • Some content may be more appropriate in some contexts than others. The group reserves the right to remove content that is determined to be inappropriate and in violation of our rules.
  • If you have questions, message an admin or email grouptherapy@diaryofamadfreelancer.com.

Twitter Chats

Monthly-ish, we’ll have a Twitter chat with any freelancers who want to spend a little quality time talking about freelance life. Just show up at the assigned date and time and start interacting with tweets using the #DMF hashtag. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this site’s updates.

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