Group Therapy

Sometimes when I get together with other people in my field, it feels like a group therapy session. One person might bring up something they’re going through and we’ll all talk about our experiences with it, give advice or just commiserate. And I always feel better after these little sessions because I’m inspired to do more and try more. I really liked the idea of starting some “group therapy” in connection with Diary of a Mad Freelancer because the name dovetailed so nicely . . . and we all know that if you got a great name for something, you HAVE to do it.

So here’s the plan. . .

Monthly-ish, we’ll have one Twitter chat and one Google Plus hangout with any freelancer who wants to spend a little quality time talking about freelance life. You can do either or both. In all honesty, it’s possible that it will only be me and some guy from Lithuania who is just bored. But that’s ok. I think it still might be worth it. I’m sure that guy has some interesting thoughts on the sweater I put on every time I go into my office to work.

How can you participate?

I’m glad you asked. (Because it shows you’re picking up what I’m putting down here.) The Twitter chat just requires you show up at the assigned date and time and start interacting with tweets using the #DMF hashtag. Follow me on Twitter if you want more updates about when it’s all going down.

The Google Plus hangouts are a little more intimate because they occur outside of your public stream. Just show up on Google Plus at the allotted time, go to the Diary of a Mad Freelance page, and click “Join” when you see the invite. (If you’d like, you can turn off video in the hangout and just participate in audio–but that’s no fun!) Circle Diary of a Mad Freelancer on Google+ because it will make it easier to follow the updates.