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Every single blog you read has a goal and if the blogger doesn’t have a goal, she’s wasting her time. Although I reserve the right to change my goals here at any time, my primary goal has always been to connect with other freelancers and to share my journey. It’s not a particularly sexy or profitable goal–which is why I blog here less than any other web property I have–but it’s valuable to me.

A while back, I got an idea that could help me connect with other freelancers. I started thinking about how sometimes when I get together with other people in my field, it feels like a group therapy session. One person might bring up something they’re going through and we’ll all talk about our experiences with it, give advice or just commiserate. And I always feel better after these little sessions because I’m inspired to do more and try more. I really liked the idea of starting some “group therapy” in connection with Diary of a Mad Freelancer because the name dovetailed so nicely . . . and we all know that if you got a great name for something, you HAVE to do it.


I’m thinking that we can do Twitter chats for the tweeps and Google+ hangouts for those who are interested on that network. Twitter chats will be less personal topics because I know that most of us are also using our Twitter handles for our business. Google+ hangouts, which are like group video chats, can be private so you don’t have to worry about your clients and prospects seeing you discussing things you don’t want them to know about. I’m still working out the details but I think we could stomach one  chat each once a month. And in all honesty, it’s possible that it will only be me and some guy from Lithuania who is just bored. But that’s ok. I think it still might be worth it. I’m sure that guy has some interesting thoughts on the sweater I put on every time I go into my office to work.

I plan on working out the kinks this month and starting Group Therapy in January 2012. (New year, new thing.) But if you have suggestions or want to keep up with the developments, follow me on Twitter or circle Diary of a Mad Freelancer on Google+. Or you could just post some thoughts about it in the comment section below:

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Princess Jones is the mad scientist behind Diary of a Mad Freelancer. For more talk about freelancing, writing, and selling yourself for a living, follow her on Twitter.

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