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This guest post is brought to you by WePay, the easiest way to accept payments online.


Back in olden times, when freelancers like you and me wanted to collect money from clients, we pecked out an invoice on our trusty Underwood typewriter, left an epithelial DNA sample on a stamp, walked it down 5-flights of our Brooklyn walkup to the mailbox (this was when Brooklyn wasn’t “Brooklyn,” mind you), then waited for the mailperson to gallop his pony to your client’s HQ. Then you waited for Ye Olde Accounts Payable Department to flip on their green-shaded lamp and get to writing out a check (hopefully within 30 days) before repeating the whole process stamp/mailbox/pony process over again.

Okay, so maybe getting paid hasn’t been that slow in a long while, but sometimes it feels like it, right?

Fortunately, as all those out-of-work ponies can attest, there’s a faster way to get paid these days – with online invoicing.

A while back on this very blog, Princess complained about her non-existent invoicing system. I recommended – it’s truly simple, it’s fast, and – unlike most of its online invoicing competitors – WePay accounts are free.

Here are WePay’s vital details (listed in order of their importance… to me):

WePay Gets you Paid Fast – It takes less than five minutes to sign up and create your first invoice. Your client gets an email and can pay you online right away – without having to create their own WePay account. You’re getting paid quickly, but not hassling your customers to remember yet another password. You can also add a late fee for those slow-payers out there.

The Price is Right – WePay is a payment processor, so there’s no shuttling your client off to PayPal or another service when it comes time for them to pay. And their prices are transparent and simple: 1% + $0.30 for bank account payments, 2.9% + $0.30 for credit card payments. (Better yet, if you don’t like the sound of that 2.9% fee, you can choose to only accept bank account payments.)

The WePay Dashboard Keeps You Organized – WePay keeps track of all your invoices (paid and unpaid.) This means no more searching through emails to make sure you did indeed send that invoice out. And no more accidentally sending belligerent “You’re late!” emails to clients who actually paid. (Not that any of us have ever done such a thing…). You can also copy previous invoices and send recurring invoices so you aren’t typing the same words over and over and over again.

The Details Make the Invoice – You can customize the invoices you send with your logo and brand colors. Your client will never mistakenly send your payment to the wrong contractor when she sees your “three wolves howling at the moon” logo on every invoice.

I use WePay because it’s cost-effective for me and easy for my clients. What do you look for in an online invoicing system?

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Jennifer is an Atlanta-based freelance writer, blogger and social media consultant who specializes in corporate blogging and creating social media strategies that attract your customers to your little corner of the web. She prides herself on two things: writing clearly and concisely for clients and learning something new every day. Connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn or Twitter.
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