I Quit

There is an old saying that quitters never prosper. That’s a lie, though. If you have never quit anything, then you are still dating the first boy you ever kissed, rocking the first hairstyle you ever tried, and working at the first job you ever landed. The trick is...

Need to Network? Tips for Getting to the Right Person

Networking isn’t that simple. If it were, every business would succeed wildly. While it’s true the right individual can get you what you need, actually contacting this person in the first place can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few ways to make it much easier so you can work on improving and expanding your business.

Why Specializing Works and How to Start in Your Business

You don’t want to limit yourself as a business owner. You got into the freelance world because you like to play by your own rules and don’t want to conform to anyone else’s standards. It’s part of your passion to make your own way.

Must You Blog to Be a Successful Freelancer? A Minority View

Throughout history, authors have kept journals, written letters and dashed off occasional broadsides on the issues of the day. Normally, though, the best of such spontaneous writings got published after the author’s death. They weren’t themselves considered the author’s body of work or judged as indicative of his or her talent.

Do You Want Me To Come Over There and Chew Your Food, Too?

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that my business is getting bigger. Big enough that I have to subcontract some work out and I may be doing that more and more over the next couple of months. The bad news is that I have to hire a bunch of subcontractors to do some work for me, which really isn’t all that fun because I’m still in charge of what goes wrong.

It May Hurt, But Asking for Client Feedback is Essential

You like to think your business is pitch perfect – after all, who wants to think that the mighty ship they’re steering has a few leaks in it? You need to believe that the job you’re doing is the best you can possibly do, or you’ll start to doubt yourself.

Freelancaversary 2013–What I Learned

So it’s my freelancaversary and I have to admit that feels good to be still here pounding the pavement and collecting checks about 12 years after I sold my first freelance piece. (Whoa, don’t get too excited there. I’ve only been freelancing full-time for something like six years.)

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