Guest Posts

A while back, I decided that instead of going big with this site, I was going to go small. I wanted to keep it about my freelance life and journey as much as possible. That doesn’t mean I don’t want guest posts. I love guests!

I’m looking for interesting stories of freelancing, including your journey to freelance, a mistake you made and learned from or an interesting problem you solved. I’m also particularly interested in information for freelancers who may be juggling parenthood and freelance life, working abroad or facing financial decisions. There’s also been a lack of editing topics on the site, so anyone with editing experience and topics is welcome.

Diary of a Mad Freelancer is a blog read by both freelance veterans and newbies. There are 6 billion jillion sites for freelancers out there and I hate to think of this as just another one of them. The name isn’t random. I want to hear your voice in your writing. I encourage you to use personal anecdotes and first person narrative. Whatever the topic, your post should read like you were sitting in your living room having a conversation with the reader. And if I could take your name off your post and pretend I wrote it, it’s not what I want. (Not that I would ever do that!)

So if you think you have something that could fit on the site, let’s talk about it. Email me at